Residential Concrete Contracting

Building a new home or multi-family dwelling? We can take you from plan to completion.

our standard is

being on time & on budget

The strength of a home starts with its foundation.

With our team of experienced concrete installers, we provide quality concrete contracting to ensure your home is safe and secure from the elements for generations to come.


After the plans and permits are secured by the homeowner, Diamond Concrete will begin the project with our list of standard steps:

1. Land Surveying – Ensuring the home is placed properly on the lot as per blueprint.

2. Excavation – This is the exciting part where we “break dirt” on your new home.

3. Footings – To prevent settling and provide a stronger foundation.

4. Crushed Rock – The base of the basement floor.

5. Walls – These form the basement and provide strength for the main and secondary floors.

6. Weeping Tile – Installed around the base with gravel provide drainage the keep water away from the base of the foundation.

7. Damp Proofing – A barrier coating to help keep moisture away from the concrete.

8. Backfill – The concrete has cured and now we fill in the gaps around the outside of the basement.

9. Pile Drilling – Used for grade beams and decks, piles are drilled and filled with concrete to provide a stable foundation that reduces shifting and settling.

10. Grade Beam – Because the garage is higher than the home, on top of the piles, a grade beam (short wall) is created for the garage foundation.

11. Basement & Garage Floors – Once the framing and plumbing is complete, the basement and garage concrete flatwork is ready to be finished.

12. Yard Rough Grading – The final step to completing your concrete project is excavating the yard back to grade as per the blueprint.

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